Gabby Morrongiello of the Washington Examiner notes that one of Donald Trump’s most vocal Republican critics has offered the GOP presidential nominee some praise.

Donald Trump has earned rare praise from Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, one of his most vocal GOP critics in the Senate, for proposing a series of ethics reforms that would upend the current political climate in Washington. “[Donald Trump] is making a serious ethics reform proposal here,” Sasses tweeted late Monday night. “All five points have merit and are worthy of debate / consideration.”Seeking to “drain the swamp in Washington,” Trump proposed re-instituting a five-year ban on “all executive branch officials lobbying the government for 5 years after they leave government service.” Breaking from tradition, the Republican presidential nominee said he would ask Congress to pass the ban as a law so it could not be undone by a future commander in chief. Trump also proposed changing the definition of lobbyist to close existing “loopholes that former government officials use” to label “themselves consultants and advisers when we all know they are lobbyists.” And he called for a lifetime ban that would prohibit senior administration officials from ever “lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.” Sasse has long been critical of his party’s nominee. He has often referred to Trump’s campaign as a “dumpster fire” and he declined to attend the Republican convention, where the billionaire officially received the presidential nomination, earlier this summer.