Andrew Stiles of the Washington Free Beacon offers an interesting perspective on the presidential election’s message for two high-profile Democrats.

Trump’s 2016 election was a stunning rebuke to both his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and his predecessor, Barack Obama. Amazingly enough, so is his (alleged) defeat in the 2020 election.

In addition to undoing the vast majority of Obama’s legacy, Trump is on track to receive more than 71 million votes in this year’s election. That means more people will have voted for Trump in 2020 than voted for Obama in the 2008 (69 million) and 2012 (66 million) elections.

The nature of Trump’s (alleged) defeat is also rather embarrassing for the former president. His opponent this time around, Joe Biden, wanted to run for president in 2016. His boss, Obama, talked him out of it. According to the New York Times, Obama “quietly pressured Mr. Biden to sit out the race, partly because he believed Mrs. Clinton had a better chance of building on his agenda.”

We all know how that turned out. Obama’s legacy would be forever altered by this ill-advised piece of advice. Biden’s apparent victory in 2020 strongly suggests that Hillary Clinton is the only American eligible to run for president who is capable of losing an election to Donald Trump.

For whatever reason, Obama just doesn’t seem to have a high opinion of his former running mate. Despite being multimillionaires, Obama and his wife Michelle declined to donate to the Biden campaign. A recently released excerpt from Obama’s forthcoming memoir—regarding the effort to pass Obamacare—contained 13,000 words, only one of which was “Biden.”

That would explain why in 2019, with Hillary out of the picture, Obama tried once again to talk Biden out of running for president. “You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t,” Obama reportedly told him. Additional reporting suggests Obama continued to express a lack of confidence in his former colleague.