Peter Hasson of the Daily Caller probes President Trump’s impact on his Democratic foes.

Prominent Democrats have repeatedly abandoned political norms and customs in order to oppose President Donald Trump.

Trump’s presidency, and his candidacy before it, has been in large part defined by his willingness to abandon conventional political behavior when it suits him — a recurring feature in criticisms of the president. Many of his opponents, too, have trampled American political norms, even as they rush to “resist” Trump.

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters exemplified that tendency on Saturday when she called for liberal mobs to harass Trump administration officials who show their faces in public — a move that earned her a rare rebuke from Democratic leadership.

Waters isn’t alone in abandoning political norms to go after Trump.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nominee, slammed Trump during the campaign for refusing to promise to accept the results of the election. Clinton called Trump’s defiance “horrifying” and said he was “talking down our democracy.”

Since Trump’s victory, Clinton and other high-profile Democrats have repeatedly challenged his legitimacy as president. Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison went even further, calling Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch “illegitimate” as well.