John Siciliano of the Washington Examiner ponders the Trump administration’s response to its predecessor’s energy regulations.

President Trump’s priority in his first 100 days will be to incinerate many of the energy and environmental regulations imposed by former President Barack Obama in the past eight years.

The administration also will look for new opportunities for coal and to strike a balance between reducing energy imports from the Mideast while nevertheless cooperating with big energy-producing nations in the Persian Gulf.

Trump issued his broad America First energy plan on Inauguration Day, highlighting key priorities but without details on how the goals would be reached.

The plan is ambitious, from making the nation energy-independent, to developing clean coal technology and devising an energy-and-terrorism security strategy with the Saudi Arabians.

The new president foresees a $30 billion boost to the economy from repealing strict climate and green regulations, such as the Waters of the U.S. rule, which puts ranchers, energy developers and many others under the thumb of the Environmental Protection Agency.

And then there is the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of Obama’s climate agenda, criticized for extending EPA authority over the power grid. The Supreme Court stalled the plan a year ago.

Beyond that, Trump wants to boost oil and natural gas production and to exploit vast fossil fuel deposits in America’s shale rock.