Donald John Trump is the first United States President to be impeached twice. We are still waiting for his second impeachment — on one article of inciting insurrection — to make its way to the United States Senate for trial. USA Facts notes that since 1797, 20 federal officials have been impeached.

Congress has impeached 15 judges, three presidents, one secretary of war, and, as mentioned, Senator Blount, whose charges were dismissed. President Trump is the only person to have been impeached twice.

In 11 out of the 21 impeachments, the official left office either through resignation or conviction, but none of them were presidents. Presidents Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump — in his first impeachment — were all acquitted. President Richard Nixon resigned before the House concluded its impeachment proceedings and so is not counted.

Of the judges, 13 were from district courts, one was from the US Commerce Court, and one was an associate justice of the Supreme Court. The charges range from intoxication on the bench to waging war against the US government — for which West Hughes Humphreys, a district judge from Tennessee, lost his office after supporting the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Eight of the 21 cases took place in the past 35 years, indicating that impeachment continues to be an active tool of US government.

It’s a fascinating list and, of course, includes President Bill Clinton, in 1998.

Also on the list is Alcee L. Hastings, a Florida judge. In 1988, he was found guilty, having been charged with perjury and conspiring to solicit a bribe. Alcee Hastings is now a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, serving Florida’s 20th congressional district.

t seems impeachment doesn’t necessarily end one’s political career.

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