Michael Brendan Dougherty uses a National Review Online column to compare Britain’s prime minister to America’s president.

What if you could have Trumpism without Donald Trump? That is, what if you could take the same basic issues — sovereignty, immigration ruled by law, and economic policies meant to promote social stability — and get rid of Trump’s moral turpitude, personal indiscipline, and the most noxious and divisive parts of his rhetoric?

Well, it would look a lot like the campaign being run by the Tory party under Theresa May. That is, it would look like an electoral juggernaut with revolutionary potential. …

… [Trump] combined the heartland and southern states that were conservative stalwarts with what Michael Moore called the “Brexit states” of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

But Teresa May is doing him one better. She is not just poised to squeak by in the upcoming snap election; she is set to inflict a rout on all the other parties in British politics.