John Siciliano of the Washington Examiner reports on reaction to the Trump administration’s energy plans.

President Trump’s energy agenda is under attack in his push to help coal, nuclear power, and renewable fuels. It’s not surprising that opposition comes from the Left, but it’s also coming from the president’s most ardent supporters in the industry.

One of the more controversial policies Trump has proposed is a regulation that many on the Left and Right believe would up-end interstate electricity markets, managed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry fast-tracked the proposal in September by sending FERC a rule and a letter explaining how he would like to see it implemented within 60 days. The proposed rule would reward coal and nuclear plants with rate payments if they maintain 90 days of fuel onsite to ensure they can keep generating electricity during major disruptions such as hurricanes.

There was an immediate backlash from a united oil industry, which typically supports Trump’s pro-business policies, and the wind and solar industry, which hates his rejection of climate regulations.

The groups formed a coalition to try to block FERC from adopting Perry’s plan to incentivize coal and nuclear plants.