Gordon Wysong offers American Thinker readers an interesting take on President Trump‘s continued popularity among his devoted base.

How has Trump maintained his base through all the adversity of the last three years? Surprisingly, the explanation is simple. His critics haven’t talked to the people, but instead, have talked to each other. These experts still don’t know how America got here, but the people do. …

… The MSM would pen a 700-word article belittling Trump, and he would tweet 20 words that had more wisdom, more punch, and more credibility than that article. The defiant “You and whose army!” seemed to be the response to each challenge.

The defiance was just what the besieged segment of America had been waiting for. Finally… finally, someone, who would fight. It was in this period that Trump became not just a candidate, but something very special. He became a Folk Hero. Like Robin Hood, the U.S. Ice Hockey team, or Sgt. Alvin York, Trump was struggling against overwhelming odds, and many people began identifying with him.

Americans have always had a soft spot for the underdog, perhaps because each of us has been one. Daily struggles against the odds have seemed an opportunity for growth in our lives, not failure. When successful, the achievement becomes character. Americans admire others who win in the confrontation with a superior adversary and often imagine being in their place. Academics, journalists, and bureaucrats constantly remind the lower caste “you can’t do that,” yet experience has proven that sometimes we can. It is this spirit that Trump personified, and it is the reason so many bonded so deeply with him.