Larry Alton explains for the American Thinker that President Trump has changed the presidential campaign process.

Donald Trump has shown that he’s perfectly willing to break political rules and carve his own path. For the most part, this strategy has proven successful. So while they may not admit it, candidates on both sides of the party line will spend the next few years replicating his techniques.

Few politicians or political insiders want to admit that President Trump is anything but lucky. Establishment Republicans don’t like the fact that he was able to infiltrate the party and spark a movement that didn’t fit their historical model for candidacy. Democrats not only disdain his method of rising to power, but also the message he preaches. The media, who receives stiff lashings from Trump on a regular basis, is naturally an adversary as well.

However, in their quietest moments of privacy, even the haters — of which there are many — can’t ignore the fact that he came onto the political stage in the summer of 2015 and fundamentally turned modern politics on its head. And while we could investigate numerous issues and practices that President 45 has fractured and rearranged, now’s the perfect time to focus on the issue of political campaigning — something that the Trump team used to spark a massive wave of support that ultimately carried him to the shores of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.