According to Gallup’s “Americans’ Views of President Trump’s Proposals and Actions” poll, Americans agree with Trump on family leave, infrastructure, tax cuts, school choice, and, to a lesser extent, military spending increases.

Require companies to provide family leave for parents after the birth of a child: 81 percent agree

Enact a $1 trillion program to improve U.S. infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and tunnels: 76 percent agree

Significantly cut federal income taxes for the middle class: 61 percent agree

Provide federal funding for school-choice programs that allow students to attend any private or public school: 59 percent agree

Increase military spending by $54 billion: 47 percent agree

They were not fans of ending U.S. participation in the Trans-Pacific trade Partnership, cutting regulations (“one in, two out” or regulatory reciprocity), or a hiring freeze on most civilian jobs in the federal government.