Joy Pullmann of the Federalist offers President Trump ideas for how to proceed in the days ahead.

A savvy embattled leader will prepare for all possible outcomes, and make war on all fronts possible. Democrat leadership doesn’t only do that because they have evil ideology and character. They do it because it works.

That means right now President Trump needs a skunkworks team coming up with as many political land mines as possible to embed in the landscape if Republicans are forced to retreat from the White House in January. Going on offense will also open new fronts so Democrats cannot exclusively focus on swaying the North Carolina and Georgia Senate races to obtain unobstructed control of Congress and the presidency.

I’ve got a few ideas that will open new offensive fronts and occupy Democrat time and resources, as well as deprive them of their public veneer of legitimacy that is crucial to the population quietly accepting their claims at face value, to the clear detriment of our nation and its future.

1. Immediately Release All Spygate Documents

The full truth about which Obama administration officials did what in the conspiracy to strangle Trump’s presidency through false accusations of treason with Russia remains largely under wraps. …

… 2. Pardon Russiagate Victims Like Mike Flynn

Michael Flynn has been punished for four years for agreeing to serve as Trump’s national security advisor. He was nabbed as part of the Spygate sting on Trump, and is still having his life devastated by endless court persecutions that are based on nothing but anti-Trump prejudice and a desire to hide what else is under the hood.

Flynn deserves a pardon. …

… 3. Fire Chris Wray

FBI Director Chris Wray has not addressed the deep corruption among senior FBI staff revealed in the course of four years of Russiagate investigations. We’re talking evidence of numerous felonies going unpunished, likely with more we don’t know about. He needs to be replaced with someone who will clean house fast.