There are a couple articles in the news today about crazy people. I will not link to them, because I do not deal with personal problems here except to the extent I lack the maturity to filter my own issues from my commentary.

I seriously have concerns about a political persuasion that is trying to gain votes by getting delusional and retarded people to vote. I understand that we do not want government to define political sanity. Hopefully, we would all get one vote, and those who are deranged would be in the minority.

And yet, talking with some teacher friends of mind, they expressed growing concern about the number of children who are raging maniacs anymore. What used to be rare and isolated exceptions are now coming at the rate of about one in fifteen or better. Why?

Then, I am reminded of what I heard of William Forstchen’s book One Second After. It deals with the havoc wrecked by a humongous electromagnetic pulse. I don’t care so much about losing Facebook and Twitter as all the people who won’t be able to get their meds.