Once upon a time, it was argued that inexpensive and abundant “energy” allowed people to lift themselves from poverty. Nowadays, government puts the kibosh on inexpensive and abundant “energy” and then creates anti-poverty programs that never work. The theme repeats in other areas of big government.

Another illustration may be taken from tonight’s meeting of the Buncombe County Commissioners. Trying to find another $1 million to pay teachers, you may remember Commissioner Mike Fryar suggested the county sell off some property. That would give the county a one-time infusion, but the gift would keep on giving as real estate returned to the tax rolls. It was a great idea. But Chair David Gantt suggested the county consider putting some of the identified properties up for consideration for greenspaces. Then, Commissioner Holly Jones suggested using others for workforce housing or other county agenda items. The look on County Manager Wanda Greene’s face as she finished the presentation said it all.