Rich Noyes writes for about the disconnect between legacy media news coverage and economic reality.

As polls show Joe Biden’s re-election is in peril because of the public’s negative opinion of how he’s handled the economy, TV viewers woke up Friday morning to a round of happy talk telling them that, despite what they might think, the economy is really quite spectacular.

“The economy is in solid shape. Job growth is steady and inflation is cooling,” ABC’s Elizabeth Schulze exclaimed on Good Morning America. Over on Today, NBC’s Tom Costello cheered that travel will be cheaper this Christmas: “Gas prices now below $3 a gallon in more than 20 states, so if you are planning to hit the road for the holidays, you’ll have company.”

Earlier this week, NBC’s Christine Romans declared that Americans who told pollsters that the economy is bad are just wrong. “So people say the economy, you know, sucks,” Romans argued on Wednesday’s Today. “But it really — it doesn’t….I call it the sourpuss economy….You know, people just don’t believe it.”

A new Wall Street Journal poll last week found voters flocking to Donald Trump due to their deep dissatisfaction with Biden’s handling of the economy. As the Journal’s Aaron Zitner and Alex Leary summarized:

“Only 23% of voters say Biden’s policies have helped them personally, while 53% say they have been hurt by the president’s agenda…. ‘Bidenomics,’ the president’s signature economic platform, is viewed favorably by less than 30% of voters and unfavorably by more than half….Two-thirds of voters rate the economy as poor or not good, and two-thirds say the economy has gotten worse in the past two years, during Biden’s time in office.”

And as reported by the New York Post just yesterday, former Obama strategist David Axelrod called the recent polling “very, very dark” news for Biden’s re-election prospects.

So this morning, ABC wanted to make sure viewers knew that the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a record high yesterday. …