Here’s another entry into the fray. When I was younger, I was so much wiser.

This dude, Angelo John Gage, took a stance against Appalachian State’s highly-publicized “Check Your Privilege” bulletin board. In a number of YouTube clips, Gage invited “white, male, heterosexual, cisgender (opposite of transgender), Christian, able-bodied or upper-class” folks to “defend your people.” He put together a satirical bulletin board making fun of the initial one that insinuated there was something wrong with the aforementioned characteristics. In multiple ways, he tried to explain equality as providing a level playing field, as opposed to the university’s attempt to offer handicaps betraying an assumption that intellect, motivation, and hard work are phenotypes from linked genes.

ASU’s CDO (Chief Diversity Officer) Bindu Jayne commented, “Students, understandably, are angry, fearful, and upset about the imagery. So am I.”

“I used pictures just like they did to make fun of them and show them how stupid and hypocritical these claims are of privileges that no one can see but them,” said Gage. “All of these people are white people doing this. These anti-white white people . . . They don’t understand. You can’t even talk to these people; you can’t talk sense into them.”

Gage is now pegged as a hate-mongering white supremacist. He affiliates with the Traditionalist Youth Network, which is “being monitored” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group collectively claims, “We’re not a threat to the students who are homosexuals, minorities and atheists; we’re an alternative for them to consider.”

With the way we’re interchanging offense and defense, I’d like to see these guys try to play football.