Matt Vespa writes at about the interesting implications of a recent tweet.

Barack Obama’s former speechwriter admitted that Joe Biden isn’t heading toward victory in this election cycle. Jon Favreau tweeted that Donald Trump would win if the election were held today. The Biden administration has been saddled with an endless stream of bad news. 

No one listens to him abroad because he’s a foreign policy dunce, and no American voter believes him at home. Sure, the man has experience being a fixture in Washington for decades, riding on an unimpressive career in public life and being dead wrong on every major American foreign policy venture. Case in point, if it were up to Biden, Osama bin Laden would still be alive. The then-VP did not support Obama’s raid to eliminate the world’s most wanted terrorist.

What’s odd about Favreau’s thread is this political call to arms. We need to get involved and persuade those sitting on the fence. Again, who are these people? As in 2016 and 2020, everyone has decided who they will vote for in November. 

“Campaigns and strategists and organizers don’t use polls and focus groups to figure out if they’re winning. They use them to figure out how to win – how to persuade people who still haven’t made up their minds,” he wrote. 

Yes, and all the battleground polls show that Biden is losing. Young voters, Blacks, Hispanics, union workers, and Muslim voters aren’t high on this dementia-ridden disgrace of a president. I do take the line that Democrats can’t rely on the media or the courts to bail them out, a tacit acknowledgment that this group hoped the legal drama could damage Trump. No one trusts the media, either. It’s about Biden, his record, and whether he has the juice to gin up the Democratic base organically. Thus far, he’s been incapable of doing that because he’s too old.