As you’ve probably heard, Wake County Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood on Thursday ruled the state’s private school voucher program in violation of the state constitution.

As you can probably imagine, the N&R’s Doug Clark says Hobgood’s ruling “so clearly and forcefully points out the faults of this voucher initiative that overturning it would require legal gymnastics.”

Meanwhile, JLF’s Terry Stoops says Hobgood’s “various constitutional objections were overshadowed by his obvious contempt for private schools generally,” leaving “thousands of low-income families will find themselves, once again, without the means to send their children to the school that best meets their needs.”

Earlier in the week the N&R expressed concern over homeschooling, saying not only that the “public shouldn’t pay for that right” but also wringing its collective hands over a child missing out on “the social and cultural exposure from each other that some children only get during the school day” and “the long-term impact of a community — and all of its parts — working together for the common good…”

Meanwhile voucher supporters say Hobgood’s ruling is nothing more than a temporary roadblock.