The race for North Carolina’s 10th congressional seat is a really interesting one. You can read about it in my Carolina Journal profile of the race between Republican incumbent congressman Patrick McHenry and his Democratic challenger, state Rep. Patsy Keever.

The only thing the two candidates for North Carolina’s District 10 congressional seat agree on is that their opponent is an extremist who will move the country in the wrong direction. 

Democratic State Rep. Patsy Keever says incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry has voted to destroy Medicare and cut agriculture while opposing legislation giving women equal pay for equal work. This, she says, shows he is “very extreme.” She says voters will reject “the very most extreme things of the Republican Party” and that she hasn’t yet found a policy on which she agrees with McHenry.

Ditto for McHenry. He says he hasn’t seen any moderation in Keever’s service in office or in her campaign. He describes Keever as a friend of labor unions and a supporter of tax increases, government growth, and a single-payer health care system. That makes her “a very extreme liberal that not only wants to be a part of President Obama’s team, but wants him to be even more liberal.”