After all, those poor folks probably can’t spend all their time watching apocalyptic TV fantasies “that could actually happen.” I’m sure they need some reading material for when they’re hiding under the bed. The Spring 2006 issue of Endeavors magazine will do nicely.

Here’s the opening, complete with the obligatory reference to “The Day After Tomorrow,” the film based on the book by the guy who claims to have communicated with space aliens:

Floods obliterate Wilmington, Norfolk, even New York. Millions of people relocate inland. America?s bread-basket ? the world?s main producer of grain ? returns to its Dust Bowl days. Hurricanes as wicked as Katrina regularly ravish the Southeast. East Coast weather imitates Ontario. Southern Europe swelters and then the North plunges into a deep freeze. Our global economy is shattered in one day. Sounds like the movie The Day After Tomorrow, which left scientists scoffing. Weather changes on a dime. Climate doesn?t. But it can change quicker than you might think.

?It won?t happen on Tuesday at 2:52 p.m.,? says Doug Crawford-Brown, director of the Carolina Environmental Program. But, he says, the time frame ?is stunningly short.? …