A conference announcement:


To come together as a multidisciplinary collaborative to explore potential synergy between _____ supporters, women?s health advocates and providers, feminists, family planning professionals, representatives of the underserved, faith leaders, humanities? scholars, and legislative and political bodies and other interested parties.


Advocacy for women?s equality and for _____ing behavior has not been adequately supportive of women?s roles and needs … Many scholars have conceived of _____ing as a practice that constrains women from achieving social and economic gains … It has been viewed as a ?choice? rather than a rights or health issue. This symposium aims to re-position _____ing as an issue of women?s reproductive health, rights and justice.


_____ing is a social and biological process wherein women must have the right of self-determination, a public health imperative, and a reproductive right. Although women?s rights to _____ require support, we ultimately need to re-orient this right from one of ?choice? to one of social justice, health, and human rights.

Omitted are all the references to breastfeeding.