Good for him. The UNC Board of Governors should never have allowed this bunch access to all UNC students via special fee. The last thing UNC needs to teach is fledgling politicos the ugly game of assessing fees on people “for their own good” and then ? teehee! ? spending the bulk of it on themselves and their own interests, but that’s what UNC is doing by allowing the UNC Association of Student Governments take money from their peers! Here’s what this bilked student had to say today:

Two-thirds of the ASG?s budget benefits officers and delegates directly. More than $50,000 has been allotted for salaries and benefits for President Amanda Devore, her five vice presidents, an office manager and an administrative assistant. The budget allots $50,000 for the fringe benefits of leadership. The biggest chunk of that money is used to lease office space. The rest allows the officers to plan conferences and retreats ? including one just for freshman politicos ? and to reimburse themselves for travel.

The officers set aside thousands of dollars for everyone?s travel, and they budget $2,400 to pay for their cellular phones.

I?m sorry, but I think that this is the biggest waste of student money imaginable. I am appalled that the organization can justify spending the majority of its budget on administrative fat.