UNC School of the Arts chief information officer Lisa Smith “misused state property by giving her son a university laptop,” according to a state audit:

The audit said that the employee, who manages all computing and telecommunications at the Winston-Salem university, gave her son a 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro laptop for his personal use while he attended Appalachian State University.

Smith had bought two Apple laptops in 2010 for her department. She told auditors that one had connectivity problems, which prompted her to buy a second laptop.

She said she took the malfunctioning computer home and her son eventually took it to college.

But the audit said investigators found that the laptop worked properly.

While both the N&O and the Winston-Salem Journal focus on the $2,000 laptop, the audit also reported ” that during a three-year period, Smith purchased $13,098 worth of computer and TV equipment for her own use.”

Not sure about the definition of “her own use,” but still we’re not talking chump change. Smith has been suspended for two weeks without pay for her actions, but in my opinion this is a fireable offense. At least it would be in the private sector.