I.e., what should be by now a thoroughly embarrassed and apologetic public university is declaring they will seek to appeal yesterday’s defeat in a U.S. District Court in Greenville. A jury held that UNC-Wilmington did in fact discriminate against Prof. Mike Adams over his conservative speech activity:

Adams v UNCW verdict

Locker Room readers have been following Adams’ case from the getgo, and they know UNCW has been beaten on this score time and again. (After a win in federal court by Adams, I wrote, “Readers of The Locker Room will remember Adams’ accolades and how they compare with those of his promoted colleagues and UNCW’s own written standards.”)

It is frankly time for UNCW to let go of its earnest, sincere belief that discriminating against conservative viewpoints isn’t really a violation of First Amendment rights because academe knows conservatism doesn’t belong on campus. This but-but-but we strenuously object act of UNCW’s is costing time, money, and scarce university credibility.