David Harsanyi of National Review Online applies progressives’ standards to President Biden.

If we’re going to create transparently idiotic, partisan standards on the fly, they should be applied to everyone in government. If Clarence Thomas has an ethical obligation to recuse himself from all cases related to the January 6 riots because his wife had opinions on the matter, it’s clear that the president has a moral responsibility to step back from any more decisions concerning Ukraine and China.

Now that the New York Times and Washington Post have both authenticated the Hunter Biden emails — a story that was suppressed by the media and tech conglomerates on the flimsiest of pretexts to help Joe Biden win the 2020 election — it’s what’s right for democracy. That’s how this works, right?

The Biden case is worse because Hunter, under criminal investigation, implicates his father as fiscal beneficiary in his dealings with corrupt Eastern European energy interests and the ChiComs. It’s plausible that Hunter, and Tony Bobulinski, might have been lying about the “Big Guy.” And the president has previously said he knew absolutely nothing about Hunter’s influence peddling.


*Hunter accompanied his dad on an Air Force Two flight to China in 2013. What did the vice president think his son was doing there? Hunter’s associates also reportedly facilitated Joe’s meeting with Chinese officials and favored billionaires in Beijing when he was vice president.

*Obama officials openly worried about Hunter’s corrupt relationships. Did they not mention this to the vice president?

*In 2018, Joe Biden bragged that as vice president he threatened Ukraine’s then-president Poroshenko with the withdrawal of U.S. aid if he didn’t fire state prosecutor Victor Shokin. …

… The biggest question the press should be asking is: Did Joe ever benefit from any of Hunter’s dealings? The answer might still be “no.” … But, really, the Thomas Standard now states that it doesn’t matter if Joe was aware of Hunter’s claims or not. He must recuse for the sake of the country. Otherwise, he should be impeached.