Since Obamcare’s exchange enrollment process came to an official close back in April (one can technically still apply for coverage through a special enrollment process, however), different research organizations have come out with different estimates on the number of exchange enrollees who were previously uninsured.  McKinsey and Co. claims that roughly one quarter of exchange enrollees were previously uninsured.  RAND and the Urban Institute reports that fewer than half of the 8 million individual market enrollees were previously uninsured.  Kaiser’s latest report says close to 60 percent of signer-uppers are newly insured.

So the numbers vary.  And the Obama administration has not released any updates on enrollment numbers in over 2 months.  The lack of timely transparency can’t be good.

The Daily Signal offers a good visual measuring Obamacare’s performance on reducing the uninsured:

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.19.35 PM