Union County is on track to save $1 million in health care claims under its first year contract with Paladina Health — an innovative health care delivery organization within the Direct Primary Care (DPC) movement. I’ve written before how networks like Paladina help private self-insured employers save big on health claims and improve employee health status. For more background, see here.

According to Union County HR Executive Mark Watson, the county is the first public, self-insured employer in the state to offer this type of plan, starting in April 2015.

That’s $1 million saved on just 37 percent of Union County’s 1,983 covered lives who seek preventative care from a board-certified physician at Paladina’s near-site clinic.

It’s a win for employers and taxpayers. More importantly, employees are enjoying around-the-clock care. Check out the positive feedback:  

Paladina Facebook Post