It’s fascinating to watch CEOs launch into contentious political and social debates. Here at JLF, we’ve devoted two of our Shaftesbury Society presentations to the issue. Last month, Duke Professor Aaron Chatterji told us about his research on CEO activism. Last June, then JLF Senior VP Jon Pritchett, along with Duke Professor Ed Tiryakian, discussed the ‘weaponizing’ of sports.

Here’s a new development in the world of CEOs and the scrutiny they now receive. Now comes word that United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz is telling his board not to give him a bonus. The airline, of course, has weathered withering bad publicity over treatment of animals and humans.

In the letter to employees, which was seen by CNBC, Munoz said: “I felt it was important to send a message about the culture of accountability and integrity that we are building here as a United team.”

“We had some incredible successes in 2017, but also some setbacks,” he said.

Still, things are going well for United.

The company’s stock is up more than 4 percent so far this year, compared with a more than 10 percent drop in American Airlines’ share price and 2.5 percent drop in Delta Air Lines’ stock.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I think he’s trying to show people he ‘gets it.’