Danielle Pletka writes for National Review Online about one international organization’s failure to operate effectively.

In Gaza, the United Nations Relief Works Agency, UNRWA, is viewed as an adjunct of Hamas, and it has done little to belie that oft-leveled accusation. UNRWA’s employees are often Hamas members, the agency’s school curriculum buttresses Hamas’s anti-Israel and antisemitic agenda, and UNRWA HQ echoes the pro-Hamas line. But all the focus on UNRWA’s bias has overshadowed the Jew-hatred and anti-Israel mania in the rest of the United Nations. It’s time the United States stopped subsidizing it.

The sheer animal savagery of Hamas’s October 7 attacks on Israel shocked much of the world. In most Western capitals, leaders were quick to denounce the terror group. The Arab world aligned itself with Hamas. Iran’s allies in its self-declared “axis of resistance” celebrated the killings. And at the United Nations on that fateful day? Crickets.

Indeed, much of the United Nations is quite certain who is to blame for Hamas’s attack on Israel, and its answer isn’t Hamas. Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the body’s most senior official, noted in remarks before the Security Council late last month that the October 7 attack “did not happen in a vacuum,” which many perceived as a justification of the massacre. The Israeli government called for him to step down over the statement.

Martin Griffiths, who serves as U.N. undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency-relief coordinator, was even less equivocal. On October 7, via his very active Twitter account, he professed himself “extremely alarmed by the rapidly escalating events in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Violence is never the answer.” Three days later, he lamented the “bone chilling” violence “unfolding in the occupied Palestinian territory.” He made no mention of Hamas or the acts of October 7. On the 13th, he declared himself troubled by the “noose” tightening around the Palestinian population in Gaza. Did he have anything to say about the hostages or Hamas? Of course not.