That’s how Glenn Greenwald describes all the Democrats and “progressives” who loathed Bush for asserting vast executive powers but now say, “Oh, we trust you!” when Obama goes even further. It’s obviously a tribal mindset — whatever your side does is bad, but whatever our side does is good.

A very few leftists are unhappy with Obama’s drone-kill memo, but most are so caught up in the cult that they’re blathering away with statements that make them sound like Bush zealots of a decade ago.

Unquestionably, Al-Qaeda’s leaders are vicious people, but why assume that killing them will somehow cripple international Islamic terrorism? We killed a lot of VC and NVA leaders during Vietnam, but that did not stop more from continuing the war. And how many new recruits for Al-Qaeda do we bring in when our attacks inflict “collateral damage”?  I would like to know what Obama would say to that, but evidently he only takes questions from fawning reporters.