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2011 year-end impact

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When the New York Times published a shoddy piece of journalism involving North Carolina’s concealed-carry gun law, Carolina Journal Publisher Jon Ham documented the article’s problems for the John Locke Foundation’s Right Angles blog. Instapundit gave Ham’s blog entry national attention. Speaking of national coverage, the American Spectator is the latest national outlet to promote CJ Executive Editor Don Carrington‘s work exposing shenanigans involving Gov. Beverly Perdue’s communications team, the N.C. Employment Security Commission, and federal unemployment data. The Daily Caller noted JLF Director of Legal and Regulatory Studies Daren Bakst‘s assessment of problems associated with enforcement of the 1965 federal Voting Rights Act. The Mooresville Tribune published Bakst’s recent wind power column. Roy Cordato, Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar, joined Chad Adams on the WLTT Radio morning show to discuss the Climategate 2.0 scandal and the myth of a Social Security trust fund. WPTF Radio listeners have had multiple opportunities this week to hear JLF President John Hood‘s wit and wisdom. He spent most of the week hosting the station’s afternoon program. The Greensboro News & Record‘s “Mixing It Up” column quoted Hood’s recent column on a potential government ban of drivers’ cell phone use, while letter writers in the Winston-Salem Journal responded to his column about liberals’ response to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision on corporate contributions to political campaigns. The Beaufort Observer noted Hood’s recent commentary on unemployment numbers, while the Southern Pines Pilot promoted his upcoming Jan. 12 speech to the Moore Republican Men’s Club. (His topic will be jobs, growth, and the 2012 election in North Carolina.) Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray joins Hood again this weekend as a panelist on the N.C. Spin television program. Director of Communications Mitch Kokai analyzed North Carolina’s role in the Republican presidential contest for News 14 Carolina. published CJ Associate Editor David Basscolumn focusing on liberal reaction to a proposed sex-selection abortion ban. Fergus Hodgson, JLF Director of Fiscal Policy Studies, discussed recent developments in Syria with Russia Today. A Lexington Herald Leader opinion column cited a 2006 JLF report on traffic calming measures.

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