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2021 State of North Carolina Legislative Agenda

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Barring any new emergencies, look for the 2021 General Assembly session to consist of three phases: (1) immediate Covid-19 response and recovery, (2) the state budget in later spring with a budget passed and sent to the governor before the end of the fiscal year, and (3) the decennial redistricting of congressional and legislative districts in late summer or early fall.

Our mission at the John Locke Foundation is to help legislators make sound, research-based decisions on all of these issues. As you page through our 2021 legislative agenda, you’ll see that the recommendations we champion are guided by our core values: freedom, free markets, and limited constitutional government.

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Becki Gray
Senior Vice President, John Locke Foundation
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As senior lobbyist, Becki provides research and consultation to influential state and local policymakers. She has developed relationships with legislators and community and industry leaders across North Carolina and the nation to ensure the foundation influences decision-makers. Becki is a sought-after commentator on television and radio and writes for Carolina Journal. She directs the foundation’s Candidate Education project and the NC Capitol Leaders program for legislative staffers. Becki holds an Art degree from Queens College and Paralegal Certificate from Meredith College. She serves on the North Carolina Museum of Art’s Board of Trustees ...

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