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Beach Plan problems

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North Carolina could face a “property insurance disaster” unless it reforms its Beach Plan for providing coastal homeowners’ insurance. Eli Lehrer of the Competitive Enterprise Institute delivers that warning in a new John Locke Foundation report. The Outer Banks Sentinel reprinted a JLF press release on the issue this week. Meanwhile, Lehrer and JLF Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray discussed the Beach Plan’s problems in an interview with Lockwood Phillips on WTKF’s “Viewpoints Radio” program. Gray also discussed the issue with Tim Boyum on News 14 Carolina’s statewide “Political Connections” television program. (Television viewers across North Carolina will have plenty of chances to see Gray this weekend; she also joins John Hood as a panelist on the latest N.C. SPIN, discussing items such as the state mental health scandal, the impact of labor unions on recent elections, and the increased number of illegal immigrants deported from North Carolina.)

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