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As new issues of Carolina Journal headed to newspaper boxes and mailboxes, Publisher Jon Ham discussed the latest edition with Chad Adams during an appearance this week on the WLTT Radio morning show. Meanwhile, Managing Editor Rick Henderson attracted attention for a Locker Room blog entry explaining that outgoing Senate President Pro Tem Marc Basnight disenfranchised voters by deciding to retire less than two months after winning a re-election bid. Both the News & Observer and Charlotte Observer noted Henderson’s reaction. The Charlotte Observer also cited Associate Editor David Bass‘ work in discussing potential public school lunch fraud. The Lincoln Tribune and promoted a new exclusive from Bass on congressional Republicans’ plans to attack ObamaCare. Bass also noted for the American Spectator blog Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler’s unsuccessful bid for the U.S. House speaker’s office. The Lincoln Tribune and Tar Heel Tribune published Associate Editor Anthony Greco‘s report on the “perfect fiscal storm” that could have major property tax implications throughout North Carolina. Greco discussed the story during an apperance with Lockwood Phillips on WTKF’s “Viewpoints Radio” program. The Heartland Institute’s School Reform News picked up contributor Jim Stegall‘s report on education reform ideas North Carolina’s new Republican legislative majority plans to pursue this year. The Lincoln Tribune and Coastal Carolina Taxpayers’ Association promoted Stegall’s article on Tea Party activists turning their attention to education issues. A Huffington Post comment cited contributor Kristy Bailey‘s recent exclusive on Durham’s decision to accept a controversial Mexican identification card. The Fayetteville Observer‘s “Inside Politics” column and the Election 2010 blog gave CJ credit for a recent report on legislative pay.

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