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Certificate of need, minimum wage, AP U.S. history, and more from JLF researchers

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North Carolina’s certificate-of-need law benefits entrenched medical providers and blocks innovation that can lead to better service and lower costs. John Locke Foundation Health and Human Services Policy Analyst Katherine Restrepo made that argument in her latest column for Forbes‘ national audience. and N.C. Senate Republicans picked up Restrepo’s research newsletter on CON’s “golden ticket.”

The Asheville Citizen-Times interviewed Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato for a story about local efforts to raise the government-mandated minimum wage. Cordato also debunked minimum-wage fallacies during an appearance with Bill LuMaye on Talk Radio WPTF.

Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops joins LuMaye this afternoon to discuss the latest school-related news items, including the controversy over recent changes to the Advanced Placement U.S. history course. promoted Stoops’ research newsletter on the AP history issue. The Heartland Institute interviewed Stoops for an article about North Carolina’s school voucher battles. Nonprofit Quarterly quoted Stoops in an article about the process that produced the state’s Founding Principles Act

The Lumberton Robesonian and N.C. Senate Republicans highlighted Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry‘s column on state government revenue sources. cited Director of Regulatory Studies Jon Sanders‘ newsletter on anti-poverty policies. The Tribune Newspapers quoted Sanders in an article about dubious economic development multipliers.

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