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CJ focuses on Obamacare’s impact, wind power schemes, and more

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A recent column from Republican U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson in the Lumberton Robesonian and Richmond County Daily Journal cited Carolina Journal Associate Editor Dan Way‘s reporting on negative projections about Obamacare’s impact on health insurance premiums. N.C. Senate Republicans promoted Executive Editor Don Carrington‘s article about the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources ending a dubious wind-power scheme.

The Senate GOP also highlighted Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s story about a U.S. Appeals Court ruling in North Carolina’s election law case, Managing Editor Rick Henderson‘s column suggesting questions for the next U.S. Senate debate in North Carolina, contributor Jenna Ashley Robinson‘s article on faculty teaching loads in the University of North Carolina system, and Associate Editor Michael Lowrey‘s report on a court ruling in a Charlotte rezoning controversy. picked up Lowrey’s article. The N.C. Spin website promoted Henderson’s column suggesting questions for North Carolina’s next U.S. Senate debate.

The Kernersville News published Publisher Jon Ham‘s column on media narratives getting in the way of facts in news coverage. Henderson discusses the week’s top electoral developments for the latest edition of Curtis Media Group’s syndicated “People In Politics” radio program. The Asheville Citizen-Times cited CJ in a story about state education spending. The Morganton News Herald cited CJ in coverage of North Carolina’s new Academic Standards Review Commission.

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