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Common Core, Keystone, CON laws, and more on the JLF agenda

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Listeners of WTKF’s “Viewpoints Radio” learned this week about the latest developments in a controversy surrounding a revised Advanced Placement U.S. history class, along with the work of a state commission studying replacement of Common Core public school standards, thanks to expert insights from John Locke Foundation Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops. The News & Observer interviewed Stoops about an unexpected shortfall in Wake County public school student enrollment.

The Kernersville News published Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato‘s column about economic nonsense tied to the debate over the high-profile Keystone XL pipeline, along with Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry‘s column on the start of North Carolina’s state budget process. The Heartland Institute published Health and Human Services Policy Analyst Katherine Restrepo‘s column on challenges to North Carolina’s certificate-of-need restrictions.

Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray joins Chairman John Hood this week on the syndicated “N.C. Spin” television program. Gray also discussed top political issues this week on Time Warner Cable News’ statewide “Capital Tonight” program, and she continues twice-weekly politics and public policy updates for WTSB Radio. Director of Communications Mitch Kokai responded to Curtis Wright’s questions on WMYT Radio about some of the week’s top state government news. promoted Carolina Journal Associate Editor Dan Way‘s latest article on Medicaid reform and CJ Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s report on a court ruling permitting preparations for year two of North Carolina’s opporunity scholarships. N.C. Senate Republicans’ daily press email highlighted Hood’s columns on the importance of startup businesses and the myth of North Carolina voter “suppression,” Cordato’s column on government picking health care winners and losers, Smith’s  articles on opportunity scholarship preparations and a recent change in a ranking of North Carolina government’s creditworthiness, and Way’s reports on a new Wake County transit study and the State Board of Education’s endorsement of replication for successful charter schools. cited Way’s Wake transit article.

Compact for America president Nick Dranias circulated to CFA supporters a video clip of his speech this week to the John Locke Foundation and Federalist Society outlining a streamlined process for pursuing a federal balanced budget amendment.

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