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Cooling off the global warming alarmism

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Those who fear manmade global warming are pursuing dozens of policies designed to cut emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). John Locke Foundation Legal and Regulatory Policy Analyst Daren Bakst recently offered comments (pdf link) to the Environmental Management Commission about a misguided proposed that would represent the first time North Carolina has tried to regulate carbon dioxide. Bakst will follow up with written comments by Dec. 1. Meanwhile, letter writer Bill Wadford recently reminded Fayetteville Observer readers about the potential harmful impacts of pursuing global warming policies. “You speak of creating millions of jobs
nationally. What about the loss of jobs in the existing energy sector
and its support jobs? Dr. David G. Tuerck of Boston’s Suffolk
University did an analysis for the John Locke Foundation. North Carolina loses 33,000 jobs.” Climate Strategies Watch research analyst Mark Newgent also raised questions about climate policies in an op-ed printed this week in The Florida Times-Union.

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