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Cooling the climate change debate

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As evidence mounts that global warming alarmists are wrong, Paul Chesser of Climate Strategies Watch uses his latest American Spectator column today to make a case against the extremists. (As global warming pathologists insist that increasing carbon
dioxide drives planetary meltdown, scientists who actually watch
the climate trends — as well as all the forces that
affect it – see something different. They observe unchanging (if
not declining) temperatures over the last dozen years despite
increased global CO2 emissions during the same time period. They
see Antarctic ice swells despite a greater media emphasis on Arctic ice loss. … [T]he
point is this: that the politicos who push for CO2 emission
reductions, and grant-seeking activist researchers, should be put
out to pastures where they can examine cow flatulence (and a more
effective greenhouse gas — methane) up close and personal.
Meanwhile let the rest of us who enjoy our variable climate move
on to more important issues like malnourished children, genocide, and modern-day slavery.

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