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Easley remains in the headlines

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New developments in the ongoing federal and state investigations of former Gov. Mike Easley included his former aide Ruffin Poole’s decision Thursday not to offer testimony to the State Board of Elections. The Lincoln Tribune features today Carolina Journal Associate Editor David Bass‘ article on Poole. CJ Executive Editor Don Carrington discussed the Easley case this week on WTIB Radio’s “Talk Of The Town” program. Meanwhile, a recent Down East Freedom Club presentation on the Easley case from Carrington and CJ Managing Editor Rick Henderson is now available for viewing on Greenville’s public access television station. The Carolina Talk Network Web site also featured Carrington’s work, thanks to an assessment Thom Goolsby offered on WLTT of the recent Southeastern Freedom Club meeting. John Locke Foundation Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray also discussed Poole (along with other current state government scandals) during her most recent appearance on Curtis Media Group’s “People and Politics” program. John Hood discussed the scandals and other state government news during a year-end interview that will air soon on News 14 Carolina’s “Political Connections.” Sticking with the scandal theme, N.C. Senate Republicans highlighted in their daily e-mail a video showing state GOP chairman Tom Fetzer’s attempts to have current Gov. Beverly Perdue investigated for some of the same campaign-finance irregularities that have landed Easley in hot water.

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