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Former governor pleads guilty to felony

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Former N.C. Gov. Mike Easley’s felony guilty plea this week to a state campaign-finance charge generated attention for Carolina Journal. Executive Editor Don Carrington led the investigative journalism that helped expose Easley’s illegal activity. Before Easley entered his plea, Carrington discussed the case in separate interviews with Tom Lamprecht and Henry Hinton on WTIB Radio. A News & Observer preview story also highlighted Carrington’s aerial photo of the controversial Cannonsgate lot that had been the subject of legal investigation. Managing Editor Rick Henderson documented other areas in CJ‘s investigations that could have played a role in the legal case against Easley. The Lincoln Tribune, NC Rumors, and all picked up that story. Henderson also discussed the case with Rick and Donna Martinez on WPTF Radio. After Easley entered his plea, Carrington discussed the outcome with Bill LuMaye on WPTF, Lockwood Phillips on WTKF’s “Viewpoints Radio,” Chad Adams on WLTT Radio, Pete Kaliner on WBT Radio, News 14 Carolina, and WTVD. Meck Deck blogger Jeff Taylor also dissected the plea deal for Tara Servatius on WBT Radio. Henderson shared his insights about Easley’s plea for Curtis Media Group’s “People and Politics” program. The News & Observer sought John Locke Foundation President John Hood‘s reaction to the plea. The newspaper included Hood’s comments in a feature titled “What leaders around North Carolina are saying.” The N&O‘s main article on the plea referenced CJ‘s work in exposing the questionable deal Easley secured for his Cannonsgate real-estate purchase. Other McClatchy newspapers across the country picked up that report. Politics Daily also emphasized CJ‘s role in uncovering the Easley story.

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