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JLF experts discuss unemployment, minimum wage, and more on air and in person

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Viewers of Time Warner Cable News’ statewide “Capital Tonight” program saw John Locke Foundation Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray offer expert analysis this week of President Obama’s State of the Union speech, North Carolina’s latest employment numbers, and the debate over new “Read to Achieve” requirements for third-grade students. Gray returns this weekend to WRAL Television’s “On The Record” program with David Crabtree to offer additional analysis of the president’s nationally televised speech. Gray continues twice-weekly politics and public policy updates for WTSB Radio.

Vice President for Research Roy Cordato headed to the “Capital Tonight” studio to critique proposals to raise the government-mandated minimum wage. In addition to television time, Cordato discussed North Carolina’s 2013 tax reform plan during a presentation for the Wake County Taxpayers Association.

John Locke Foundation President John Hood discussed state political and electoral developments during briefings for the East Chapel Hill and Albemarle Rotary clubs. Hood traveled to Elon to address a community discussion on poverty.

The Sanford Herald promoted Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops‘ trip to Lee County to discuss critical state education issues with the local Republican men’s club. Stoops and Director of Education Outreach Lindalyn Kakadelis traveled to Buncombe County last weekend to discuss Common Core public school standards with a local Tea Party group.

Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry logged the most travel time this week. She headed to Salt Lake City, Utah, to participate in a fiscal federalism workshop organized by the State Policy Network.

Carolina Journal Managing Editor Rick Henderson continues his weekly contributions to the Curtis Media Group’s statewide syndicated “People In Politics” program. Henderson dissects the week’s top North Carolina electoral developments.

WPTF Radio interviewed JLF Director of Communications Mitch Kokai twice this week. Guest morning show host Demetri Ravanos asked Kokai about the State of the Union speech and about North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory’s priorities for 2014. Brandon Dickson interviewed Kokai about North Carolina’s latest employment numbers. Kokai also discussed the week’s top state government news with Curtis Wright on WMYT Radio.

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