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Libel suit against N.C. attorney general and other Carolina Journal exclusives

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A 13-year-old libel suit against N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper is scheduled to head to trial soon. Carolina Journal Executive Editor Don Carrington‘s exclusive report on the legal case attracted attention from N.C. Spin,, and N.C. Senate Republicans’ daily press email.

Associate Editor Barry Smith discussed this week’s controversial teacher “walk-in” during an appearance on News 14 Carolina’s statewide “Capital Tonight” program. The Beaufort Observer highlighted Smith’s article on this week’s local elections in North Carolina. The News & Observer cited CJ in an article discussing poll numbers for the 2014 election campaign.

Managing Editor Rick Henderson discussed this week’s election results for Curtis Media Group’s syndicated “People In Politics” radio program. The Tabor-Loris Tribune published N.C. Education Alliance Fellow Kristen Blair‘s CJ column on challenges associated with media multitasking.

GOP senators also highlighted John Locke Foundation President John Hood‘s column on the late Republican strategist Jack Hawke‘s political education, Hood’s column on trends in local election results, Smith’s report on this week’s elections, CJ Associate Editor Dan Way‘s article on the state’s latest teacher turnover data, and JLF Director of Communications Mitch Kokai‘s column on misuse of the budget term “full funding.”

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