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The national focus this week on corruption charges involving Illinois’ governor helped revive the debate about corruption in North Carolina’s corridors of power. In Asheville, WWNC Radio’s Matt Mittan called on Carolina Journal Executive Editor Don Carrington Wednesday for a half-hour recap of some of this state’s major corruption cases, including scandals surrounding outgoing Gov. Mike Easley. Lindalyn Kakadelis of the N.C. Education Alliance also spent some time on WWNC’s airwaves this week. She responded to news that North Carolina leads the way in National Board Certified Teachers. “I stressed how this was simply politics as usual and symbolism over substance.  There has never been ONE study studying the value added once a teacher has completed the certification — in other words — comparing the average achievement gains of students before a teacher is certified and after certification.” Kakadelis also made a recent appearance on Lockwood Phillips’ “Viewpoints Radio” program on WTKF. She discussed the new “senior exit project” required for high school graduation. (Listen to the interview here. It appears about halfway through the mp3 file.)

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