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Malpractice Debate Continues

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The subject is likely to come up again when the General Assembly convenes next month. But, the Asheville Tribune and Hendersonville Tribune didn’t feel the need to wait for a legislative push. The papers published a piece about JLF”s October policy report from Professor Michael Krauss of George Mason University — “The Tort of Medical Malpractice: Is It Time for Law Reform in North Carolina?” The papers’ story began with an editor’s note about the seriousness of the issue: “Bill Fishburne, Tribune Senior Editor and host of the morning show on WZNN 1350, recently did a show on malpractice insurance and the need for tort reform. Featuring Dr. Scott Langford, an emergency room physician at Asheville’s Mission/St. Joseph Hospital System, the program emphasized that North Carolina is in a medical crisis with only two insurers and rates that can jump 400 percent or more each year.” Krauss’s findings followed. To read the report, visit the John Locke Foundation web site. Click on “Policy Reports” and go to the Oct. 20 entry.

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