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N.C. Climate Commission Completes Work “Without a Bang”

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N.C. Climate Commission Completes Work "Without a Bang"

Carolina Journal‘s Sara Burrows reports that after five years of meetings and listening to "expert" testimony, mostly from global warming alarmists, the N.C. Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change has ended its work without much notice. Reporting in the Aug. 4 Carolina Journal Online edition, Burrows points out that:

"After five years brainstorming for ways the state could fight global warming, and spending more than $80,000, North Carolina’s Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change went out without a bang at the end of the General Assembly’s short session. … In May 2010, the commission published its final report. … The report contained 42 ‘recommendations for future consideration’ and seven legislative proposals for immediate consideration, one of which was to establish a permanent climate change commission. The wish was not granted."

The JLF’s Agenda 2010 also includes an analysis of the Climate Commission’s work.

Also see:

Ozone Report. In spite of continued warm temperatures across the state, once again, for the week of Aug. 1-7, the N.C. Division of Air Quality reports no high-ozone readings registered on North Carolina monitors. From April 1 through Aug. 7, North Carolina has had 93 high-ozone readings (0.076 ppm over an eight-hour period). These readings were scattered around the state over 34 out of 39 different monitors and over 19 different days. Most of the high-ozone days to date have occurred in the Charlotte area and in the Triad. North Carolina has not had a single monitor reading exceeding the EPA standard since the week of July 11-17.

Links to recent JLF reports on ozone.

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