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While North Carolina elections are important, most media attention has focused on the race for the White House. John Hood reminded National Review Online readers this week to approach the elections with “perspective and sobriety,” rather than silliness. Reason Online took note of Hood’s comments. JLF Policy Analyst and Research Editor Jon Sanders discussed the upcoming election and “the perilous state of America’s foundational liberty” in two recent radio appearances with Curtis Wright of Wilmington’s “Big Talker” and Lockwood Phillips of WTKF’s “Viewpoints Radio.” Meanwhile, Joseph Coletti focused attention on one of the top issues in the national campaign: the future of health care. Coletti wrote an article for the Washington Examiner highlighting the role of consumers in making good health-care decisions. In other developments related to the national election, Research Director George Leef of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy added his thoughts to a News & Observer article featuring academics who’ve signed a petitition supporting William Ayers, the former Weather Underground member with ties to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. The Chicago Sun-Times picked up that report. Leef also reviewed a book about the “cult of the presidency” for the Future of Freedom Foundation. Next week, a John Locke Foundation audience in Asheville will have a chance to hear an assessment of the national campaigns from syndicated columnist and Fox News analyst Cal Thomas. The Asheville Citizen-Times previewed that event.

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