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Both the online and print versions of the News & Observer‘s “Under the Dome” blog featured an item about donors funding the John Locke Foundation’s upcoming 22nd anniversary dinner. The N&O printed Mitch Kokai’s letter this week urging readers to view a video of the recent JLF wind power workshop in Wilmington. The Lincoln Tribune published a wind power column from workshop panelist Daren Bakst, JLF Director of Legal and Regulatory Studies. Fergus Hodgson, Director of Fiscal Policy Studies, devoted his latest Future of Freedom Foundation column to trends in illegal immigration. The Lincoln Tribune promoted Don Carrington’s article about a plea deal involving Gov. Beverly Perdue’s former campaign finance director. The Bladen Journal published Carolina Journal Associate Editor David Bass‘ column on “diapers for 26-year-olds.” N.C. Senate Republicans promoted Associate Editor Sara Burrows‘ reports on the limits of a new state brewery law and a lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s new annexation reform law, along with contributor Karen Welsh‘s article on efforts to add five days to North Carolina’s public school calendar. The Caffeinated Thoughts blog promoted a Locker Room blog entry from Terry Stoops, JLF Director of Education Studies, that highlighted Charlotte-Mecklenburg public school teachers singing about new academic standards.

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