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People looking for help paying their mortgage bills converged in Charlotte this week to take part in an event dubbed “Save The Dream.” Meck Deck blogger Jeff Taylor offered a critique in an interview with WBTV. Taylor also discussed his latest Carolina Journal exclusive on a scandal involving Mecklenburg County’s Department of Social Services during an appearance with Tara Servatius on WBT Radio. On Meck Deck, Taylor scooped the McClatchy newspapers by a full day with the news of their parent company’s pension loss. In other radio news, Rick Henderson discussed with the WPTF Radio news department a new investment scheme State Treasurer Janet Cowell is pursuing to help create jobs in North Carolina. Meanwhile, John Locke Foundation staff members continued to influence North Carolina newspaper opinion pages. The Statesville Record & Landmark published an opinion column from Fiscal Policy Analyst Joseph Coletti panning a proposed targeted tax break for a company named BestSweet. The Jefferson Post picked up a column from Karen Palasek, Director of Educational Programs, focusing on the best strategies for teaching traditional American values to young people. A Duplin County publication also plans to publish Palasek’s recent column on new federal rules regarding mammograms. The Richmond County Daily Journal picked up CJ Associate Editor Michael Lowrey‘s recent column about local governments chasing the “next big thing.” In other news, Americans for Prosperity’s national Web site promoted Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato‘s upcoming appearance in events tied to AFP’s Hot Air Tour on global warming. Cordato also granted an interview on federal stimulus spending to the Fayetteville Observer. The Lincoln Tribune published this week Piedmont Publius blogger Sam Hieb‘s CJ exclusive on the recent Greensboro local election.

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