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Research experts address tax changes, film incentives, vouchers, and more

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The Wilson Daily Times interviewed John Locke Foundation Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato for an article about tax changes on the way for North Carolina in 2014. (A lot of the impact from reduced taxes will also be seen when people file their 2014 income taxes in 2015, said Roy Cordato, vice president for research with the John Locke Foundation. “When they file it in 2015 for 2014, their state income tax bill will be lower,” Cordato said. “It’s lower than it otherwise would have been.”)

The Winston-Salem Journal interviewed Director of Regulatory Studies Jon Sanders about North Carolina’s misguided film incentive program. The Kernersville News published Sanders’ recent column about the federal government’s contradictory policy for protecting eagles.

The Kernersville News also picked up Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops‘ column about North Carolina public school systems that deliver the best “bang for the buck.” The Heartland Institute interviewed Stoops for an article about a lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s new opportunity scholarships.

The Asheboro Courier-Tribune‘s garden columnist cited Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry‘s recent compilation of data about Christmas tree production in the Tar Heel State. (I received some very interesting information about the North Carolina Christmas tree industry from, of all places, the John Locke Foundation’s Sarah Curry. Curry gave a presentation on the industry at one of the organization’s recent Shaftesbury Society Luncheons.)

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