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National media attention for the Wake County public schools’ student assignment fight has helped highlight the work of Terry Stoops, John Locke Foundation Director of Education Studies. The News & Observer‘s “WakeEd” blog took note of Stoops’ reaction to recent criticism of the Wake school board from comedian Stephen Colbert. The blog also highlighted Stoops’ criticism of U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s recent comments about Wake schools. The News & Observer published a column from Stoops praising North Carolina’s virtual high school. promoted that article. Stoops shared with Triad Rush Radio listeners some keys to saving money in the state education budget, and he also discussed charter schools and the upcoming legislative session with Chad Adams on WLTT Radio. In other news, Roy Cordato, JLF Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar, discussed tax reform during a panel discussion this week featured as part of the annual 7th Senatorial District Public Forum in Henderson. The Durham Herald-Sun quoted Joseph Coletti, JLF Director of Health and Fiscal Policy Studies, in an article about Durham City Council’s efforts to win legislative approval for a proposal to give local firms government contracting preferences. Coletti and Stoops will make presentations today to incoming state lawmakers participating in the Civitas Institute’s training session. The Richmond County Daily Journal published a recent column from Daren Bakst, Director of Legal and Regulatory Studies, panning outdoor smoking bans. The Union County Weekly quoted Bakst in an article about forced annexation. Conservative Refocus News also highlighted Bakst’s efforts to block state environmental regulators from enabling illegal changes to federal Clean Air Act requirements. A News & Observer article and the N&O‘s “Crosstown Traffic” blog both cited John Locke Foundation criticism of taxpayer spending on rail projects. A News & Observer letter also noted JLF’s recent “to-do list” for the General Assembly’s first 100 days. A Burlington Times-News article about interim school superintendent Del Burns cited JLF in discussing the foundation’s high marks for transparency efforts in Burns’ former school system, Wake County.

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